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Mariel Carr ’04 and Jacob Rivkin ’07Death and Taxidermy

In Death and Taxidermy, director and producer Mariel Carr ’04 and animator Jacob Rivkin ’07 share interesting facts and stories about the art. The animated and narrated videos range from the tale of a young woman who learned taxidermy by practicing on the dead pigeons and sparrows on the streets of New York to technical details such as the chemicals needed to prepare an animal’s hide.

While working as a video producer for an organization that focused on the history of science, Carr says she began noticing taxidermy specimens in more and more places—from vintage clothing stores to coffee shops. Her curiosity piqued, she researched the past and present of taxidermy and finally reached out to Rivkin to see if he was interested in making a short video.

Check out all of their videos here: