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Campus SnapshotMiscellany News Photo Project Elicits Evocative Images

A photography project launched by Miscellany News photo editor Yvette Hu ’22 well before the COVID-19 outbreak reached the campus has proven to be an especially welcome addition to the Vassar community in the wake of the changes the pandemic has brought.

Gordon Commons lays dormant.Photo: Weina Diana Liu ‘22

Hu asked fellow students to submit their images—creative or journalistic, with or without commentary—for the project, dubbed Through the Lens. In the most recent installment, Assistant Photo Editor Grace Rousel ’23 arranged photos taken on campus by Weina Diana Liu ’22.

Managing Editor Frankie Knuckles ’21 said the photo collection has generated a considerable response, especially on the publication’s social media. “At a time when most of us are no longer on campus, these photos serve as a means of bringing us together,” Knuckles said.

Speaking about the visual impact of the most recent installment, Knuckles wrote, “It’s a little jarring to see scenes that are almost never empty when we’re all on campus, but they make us realize the campus is still there.”

View all of the photos that have been submitted so far.

Campus Snapshot is an ongoing series of vignettes that explores how life on campus is evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 200 students who could not travel to their homes are currently living on campus as they maintain social distancing and continue their studies through distance learning. Meanwhile, security officers and key administrators continue to venture to campus daily to perform their jobs.