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Miscellany News Responds to COVID-19 Crisis with New Format

To continue to serve our community during the distance learning period, The Miscellany News has divided our production into two sections: a COVID-19 Task Force and a weekly interactive newsletter. The Task Force will respond to and inform on coronavirus news—whether local, national or international in scope. This coverage can be found on our social media and online platforms.

The weekly newsletter will contain creative works, including op-eds and other more personal, narrative-style pieces, as well as any Vassar-related news stories and visual pieces. While the newsletter will not shy away from hard-hitting work, the platform will also feature lighter stories in an effort to help the student body feel connected in these trying times.

This week, our first newsletter features student reflections on the unprecedented times in which we now live. Be sure to check out the live links to more content on our website, including an additional crossword puzzle. If you’d like to contribute to future newsletters, please reach out to

The content this week is emotional, and we hope it will be cathartic for our community—that everyone who reads it feels comforted by the thought that while we are isolated and spread apart, we are still not alone.